Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Kopitiam's Politic

Ur vote is a secret! The reason for the phrase is you don't know who's sit near you and hearing what you are talking about. As an example:
Location: Restoran Ummi
Time: Lunch Hour
1 law student, eating near me stated that he is a Malaysia Politic's follower. He said he is pro-government then started to talk 'this and that' about politics. Yes, as a lawyer-to-be, i agreed with his 1st view ," Why citizens of Malaysia always questioning the government about everything?". His answer is " because the government who rules the country and decide everything and same thing will goes to PR(nowadays opposition,hopefully forever) if they lead this country". Anything we said, we must be responsible on it.
He talked confidently but he had no facts supporting his statements. I started to smile, looking at my friend who'd sitting in front of me. Then, he started to talk about Kelantan, about royalty issue. I'm PURE KELANTANESE, since the 1st time i see the world. He talked 'rubbish' about that issue and after two or three statements, he kept silent and changed to another topic,far2 away from recent topic. I was smiling to my friend, got up from the chair and left the group with their talks.
In my heart, i was saying to myself(monologue),"beware Aek,you shouldn't repeat that boy mistake"........

Monday, February 14, 2011

isu diri

actually,i think blogging is not so cool. But when i think again,yes it can help me to maintain my English. For people who don't know me well,i have passion in history,politic,sosiology and language but i am fated to be in engineering world. Its ok because i live my life based on phylosophys. There are few question i would like to discuss....
1. Why blogging if it doesnt suit me?
I'm a militant. i can't hide my protest but i won't say it to others. So thats why i said blogging doesnt suit me. However,like i mentioned above, blogging can help me to maintain my writing skills and to throw my point of view about any issue. So,thats not too bad(sorry bloggers).
2. My scope
As i like politics, history and language,those items will be my priority in writing. However, it is no refuse to write about sports,pets and other items(i'm universal). Although i'm a pro-government person, i won't agree to anything i think is wrong.

I'm not perfect but my friends said that i can write anything in my blog. So,lets see if i'm cool enuff in writing.

As a present, i'll show u d best movie i watched this year.......