Monday, February 14, 2011

isu diri

actually,i think blogging is not so cool. But when i think again,yes it can help me to maintain my English. For people who don't know me well,i have passion in history,politic,sosiology and language but i am fated to be in engineering world. Its ok because i live my life based on phylosophys. There are few question i would like to discuss....
1. Why blogging if it doesnt suit me?
I'm a militant. i can't hide my protest but i won't say it to others. So thats why i said blogging doesnt suit me. However,like i mentioned above, blogging can help me to maintain my writing skills and to throw my point of view about any issue. So,thats not too bad(sorry bloggers).
2. My scope
As i like politics, history and language,those items will be my priority in writing. However, it is no refuse to write about sports,pets and other items(i'm universal). Although i'm a pro-government person, i won't agree to anything i think is wrong.

I'm not perfect but my friends said that i can write anything in my blog. So,lets see if i'm cool enuff in writing.

As a present, i'll show u d best movie i watched this year.......

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